thank you, John Steinbeck

You know how people say to themselves, "I wish I read more," and then rarely nothing is done to achieve said goal? For many years, that has been a new year's resolution of mine.  As a married woman, I'm trying again.

A couple years ago, I bought Ken his first Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath. I fondly remember reading it when I was a junior is high school. Ken has grown a liking to the pages of Steinbeck, and a small collection of his classics has begun to grow in our book self. On our honeymoon, we stayed in Monterey, CA and walked along Cannery Row where John Steinbeck is a legend because his books. While in Monterey, we thought it would be appropriate to purchase a Steinbeck and we found a first edition Of Mice and Men. Very nice addition to our library. 

My dad is a big fan of Steinbeck as he can relate to the books he writes about early California history. In Salinas, CA where not much else goes on but farming, is the John Steinbeck museum, where my dad has been many times. When I started high school in '98, my dad gave me Travels with Charley: In Search of America, not one of his more famous books, but one that I set out to read many times, and failed at my attempts. The reason my dad gave me this book was because reading it is one of the few academic memories he has from high school. Well, I have started to read it again, and I've found my stride. I love it. So far, his social commentary is hilarious, and his words are poetic. Makes me want to travel to every little town in America and simply observe how people live, and how others can live so differently from myself. I have high hopes for the rest of it, and I anticipate that I won't be let down. 

Ken is currently enjoying East of Eden that parrallels the plot of Genisis. He loves spending time on our porch to bond with our plants and soak up the amazing weather New Orleans has been given lately. 

If you are looking for a new author to embrace, Steinbeck is the way to go. 


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Natalie said...

I am thrilled that you have introduced Kenneth to Steinbeck. East of Eden is genius.

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