My students come to school far better dressed than I do. They wear uniforms but their accesories are impecable. I have had the same nail polish on for a while, and I don't think it ever matched what I was wearing. One of my girls walked in today with bright orange nails, like fake nails, press ons...(second grade mind you) and even brighter orange bows in her hair. Like BIG bows. She's kinda known for these bows. Notorious B.O.W.S. Then another girl wore hot pick tights today with multi colored strips on around her calf. And then her sweater matches, again, perfectly.
i love it. it's their one way to express themselves with what they are wearing. our uniforms are khaki pants and white shirts, so it leaves a lot of room for artistic interpretation. Unless they are not wearing black shoes, I don't say anything. I let it go.

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