what a difference a week makes

Babywise, Happiest Baby on the Block, Bringing Home your Newborn, Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Child, and the Google search on my computer.

The above resources ALL SAY SOMETHING DIFFERENT about what to do with your fussy 6 week old baby. Growth spurt? Colic? Reflux? Sleep deprived?

How about this: she's a baby.

Pardon the all caps frustration, but for a first time mother, all you want to know is why your baby is upset. Is she hurt? These books do offer good advice, but it's hard when they say completely different things. One says to wake your baby up to feed her, and another will say, never wake a sleeping baby. What to do? And as of yet, I'm not trusting my maternal instinct like I should.

But, after this 6th week passed, Avery decided that she was done with the 24/7 fussiness and that she would nap during the day and sleep 7 hours at night. My girl is an independent woman already and was insulted that we would use a book to understand her! In honor of her decision, she decided to smile all the time. So what else am I to do but... PHOTO SHOOT!


KimC said...

I totally felt like that (still do sometimes!) Avery is a baby, she will cry, she will wake up at night. This does not make her a "bad baby" shes just like any baby. Babies cry. When I finally stopped stressing over what the books said to do and realized that he was just going to do things when he was ready, we were BOTH a lot happier. She is going to be okay. And for the record, I dont think you need to worry about waking up ms 95% to eat ;) Let that little chunk sleep.

scs said...

Ha, SO true about all the books--they have nuggets of wisdom but all the best advice I got was from seasoned moms who told me to ask God for wisdom each day and trust He's made me to be the mom I need to be for Grady! We had reflux/colic/?? issues for the first few months but eventually the clouds parted. Love seeing those big smiles on Avery -- give that chubbers a squeeze from us :)

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