a familiar face

I always knew that the Lord gave me a desire to serve and love children. After spending a summer in Sri Lanka at an orphanage, I knew I was going to spend my life with kids. I didn't know how, or where but I knew. I love teaching here in New Orleans, but I don't have that same joy that I had when I was in Sri Lanka with those kids. My face showed it.
Sri Lanka 2005

Tonight Ken took a picture of me and my girl. I saw that face again. A face that was trying to contain a person's heart that was bursting with love and who didn't know what to do with it. A person who has run out of places to pour this emotion that she just cries with joy, all the time.
New Orleans 2010

Now I know the how: to be a mother.
And the where: right here with Avery.


Judy said...

Motherhood is such a wonderful gift. Never in your life did you believe that you could love someone this much. Each day only gets better. As she gets older your love will only get stronger. Each day you become prouder and you will feel so priveleged to be her mom. Until she turns 13 but we will talk later when the time comes. I am so happy that you are experiencing motherhood.
Love from Judy

scs said...

Ahh this gave me goosebumps! At the one year mark, I finally feel like I'm finding my way as a mom, but you're right, it's an amazing privilege the whole way through! Merry Christmas, little Avery chunker!!! You are too cute and your parents are pretty great.

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