sweet potato

Introducing foods to Ave has been really fun. She enjoys eating with a spoon, and even though it makes quite a mess, we love feeding her this way. She seems to get a kick out of putting her hand in the bowl of whatever we're giving her (rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes) and smearing it all over just about everything. She's a nut. I was looking forward to making her food because my parents bought me an immersion blender for Christmas. It was super easy to make her food with the crock pot. It feels good to give her homemade food.

I think she likes them!

And then she has been really cute, so that's why these are here:
A proper tribute to Dr. Seuss on his birthday
I LOVE her face in this, caught in the middle of a hearty laugh!
She loves to stand, and stick out her tongue
All about the tummy time, the preferred method of play time these days.


The Mangerchine's said...

I love the shape of her eyes, so adorable!!!! She is growing up so quickly!

emily said...

love this so much!! love the pics, love the sweet potatoes, love you and aves and kenneth!!!!!! my heart is warmed by getting to "join" your family in these adventures from afar. <3

Melanie said...

She is growing up! Look how much she has changed since the first Dr. Seuss photo shoot! Really miss her and you two. So glad for these amazing photos.

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