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It's about time I got on here to speak my mind. I'm your guest blogger today: Avery K. So my mom spends a lot of time reading blogs from crafty ladies and I'm usually sitting nearby and I keep asking myself, "What's keeping her from getting her craft on?" And then I realized her fear: the sewing machine. I saw that thing a bit around Christmas time, but it has since been sitting in the corner. I had a heart to heart with my mom about when things are hard, we don't give up, we keep going. I gave her my best Coach Taylor pep talk and I think it worked. Then I really broke it down: I want couture baby clothes. Sure, Carters and Target and Babygap are great, but I'm bored. I see dad wearing this red shirt all the time, and I want one. What's cool about this shirt is that mom designed it for her relief team years ago when she first met dad. The skyline of New Orleans that is on the front is from a picture that dad took from the levee over in Holy Cross where mom and dad used to make out, I mean hang out. Mom used that picture to make the shirt. Then, when dad started working for the church coordinating relief work, mom took the same logo and re-worked it for the church. Now every volunteer that comes through our church gets one. It's only fair that I get one too! So this is what my mom did this week because she was on spring break from school. It's been great, and I have even taken longer naps to help her finish her projects. Summer is going to be sweet, I'll get all sorts of homemade crafted crap. Yeah!Before and after! The headband is from the end of a sleeveThe side bow is my personal favorite, that and this spoon in my mouth.The back says, "There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better."This is my felt boom box, and it was my idea to dress up like an aerobics instructor to help model the new craft. Please, my mom isn't that crazy. Mom made this skirt with scraps that she had from making onesies for me when I was just a bitty baby. She got the idea from www.dana-made-it.com. That girl is crafty!Does this skirt make my butt look big? Maybe it's the huge cloth diaper...Perfect for a date with Mom & Dad to Dat Dog last night!Not only does this thing have plenty of places for me to chew on, it crinkles because mom put an old target bag inside. Nice mom. For me? Aw, gee. Mom, please work on your stitches next time. So, that's all I have to say. Another thing, all of the words for some reason are links to something else because the return key on mom and dad's computer doesn't work anymore. Bummer. You'll be hearing from me again soon. I just thought since the whole blog is about me, I should chime in! Till next time, avery elizabeth

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