back to school

School started Monday, and phew! I'm tired! But what is so amazing this year is that I'm part-time. I'm the lead teacher in the room, teaching the same subjects as last year, reading, writing and grammar, and then after lunch duty, I get to walk home and spend the rest of the day with Avery. It is so great, a dream come true really. God has provided, again, just what our family needs. Ken bought me a new pair of toms as my "back to school" present. He's trying to help me keep some funk with my school attire. They are sparkly, I love them. I have worn them everyday and I think it's giving me that extra kick I need in the day. I have about 60 students and my two classes are very different. Meaning both classes challenge my teaching skills a lot. One more than other, but I'm enjoying the challenge so far. I got frustrated with some of them Wednesday, so I went to school that evening and decided to bring the heat. Thursday, I didn't take crap from any of them. You're thinking, wow, kinda intense. But that's what they like, and what they require. It was a much better day and I have a feeling my 5th year of teaching will turn out to be a good one.

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