a fairy halloween

It's no surprise that New Orleans has a close-the-street celebration for Halloween. Another great reason to have a kid is this night. State street is usually a scenic drive to see some of the finest homes in the city. But tonight it was a spooky, cobweb covered, black-light flashing festival. I would do a horrible job guessing how many people were out there, but there were hundreds.

Avery did great, but when we would walk up to the front of a house, after staying in line mind you, I felt funny getting candy when clearly she's not eating it. We had so much fun, but next year we need to be in costume too. Practically every parent was decked out too. Rookies, they probably thought. We went up to this one house the has a bunch of skeletons in their yard, all with name tags that are quite clever. They do it every year, and when we walk to church on Sundays, Avery loves to point at them. So tonight we walked up to the front. (that's the picture of the house) and the guy handing out candy LOVED her. He said her smile beats hearing trick or treat any day. It was just so much fun.

Favorite costumes of the night: A dad dressed at Muno, mom as the pink one, and the son as Brobee. Avery loves Yo Gabba Gabba so it was fun to see. We also really loved all the Angry Bird costumes, very clever. Highlight of the night: As we were driving home, we drove past James Carville's house and we go, how cool would it be for Avery to get candy from James Carville's house? So, we stopped, took a sleepy baby out of the carseat and walked up to the Carville mansion. He wasn't there, but it was cool nonetheless.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! 

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Robeson Family. said...

I can't handle how cute that costume is!!!

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