my party in pictures

I'm one now so I'm going to blog about my party. Enjoy!
The night before we had to get the ingredients for the cupcakes
Mom decorated the house with different banners she sewed and dad got those balloons for me.
There was a guest book for all my friends who came

There were crayons and notecards for my friends to leave notes or draw pictures
Grandma and mom made every type of cupcake for me to choose from
Mom put up some of the millions of pictures they have taken of me this year
Yep, that's right! I'm AVERY!
Dad served cupcakes to my friends
Pretty good, but I more just made a mess than actually ate the cupcake
I'm pretty content here.
I love these guys!
My grandma from California was there!!
Some of my baby friends came to party
I'm exhausted, but so happy!
Time to cuddle with mom!

 We had a wonderful day. Thanks to all who came. This girl has a great time. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the company was even better. Avery is blessed to have so many people who love her and care about her life to make this day, and yesterday so special. And EVERY family member sent a card or gift. I'm talking every aunt, uncle, grandparent and great grandparent. She was showered with love. We will always cherish this day. 

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