saltines & sprite

Mercy me, we are sick at Chez Kostrzewa. First Avery, then mom and thankfully, dad's strong immune system has protected him from making his new home the bathroom. I have never had a stomach virus and I never want it again. And when your almost 14 month old has it too? No fun! I think our house needs to be disinfected, every square inch. I have missed 4 days of work because I'm "highly contagious." I either got sick from Avery or from the 62 children I work with daily. I am not one to miss a meal either and I have literally eaten saltines, sprite and gatorade for 3 days and most of the time I couldn't keep that down. A plus? I made an attempt to go to work yesterday, and in my delirious state I grabbed an old pair of pants, old like I wore them waaay before I was pregnant with Avery and they fit. Forget dieting, just get a stomach virus! No? I feel like Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion where one of them says, "Mono was the best diet ever." Anyway, we have much to update with the house because it's really coming along, but I want to do a huge "before and after" post because it's ridiculous how much has changed, but I don't have the energy! I just hope people are staying healthy and that you are getting excited for the holiday season! As soon as I get out of this house, I'm going to buy the She and Him Christmas album. Gaaa, I love her voice!! Take care!

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