found: the only person she won't go to

There are two acceptable Santa pictures in my mind. Smiling or crying. You know you love those websites where they have screaming children sitting with Santa, probably more than the posed, happy smiling ones. Last night we finally got ourselves to see Santa. Avery is only 14 months, so I'm not sure she would even know if we told her, but we never talk about Santa. Her Christmas themed toys are a Nativity set and a Mickey Mouse dressed in matching Christmas pajamas. When we lay out the Nativity, if we ask, "Where's baby Jesus? Where's the angel?" She finds them and hands them to us. Pretty special. So, meeting Santa last night was more like, "Why are you handing me to this guy? This random, farcical character who isn't really that friendly?" So with lines of people waiting, and Ken and I nearly crying from laughter, Avery was not to be left alone with Santa. She held on to me so tight and really started to wail. The photographer suggested (insisted) that mom and dad get in the picture as well. So here we have it. The expressions were accurately caught. Dad: hilarious. Mom: funniest moment ever. Avery: frightened, and a little ticked off. Santa: could give a lick! What made it the best was looking up and seeing our friends crack up with us. Oh Avery, you have been held by EVERYONE and by your prompting, so why no love for Santa? Ken said, "She knows the truth, he's fake." Nice dad, that's probably what it is.                                        


Zach K said...

This is priceless, I love everyone's expressions! I think it is great that you got a picture of everyone with Santa. We have a picture of baby Zach and his cousins on our fridge right now, it is fun to see santa with so many people in the photo.

cait said...

love this mel.

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