halloween...on december 1

I would consider my husband and myself to be clever people. I think this because of our Halloween costumes. We always wait till the last minute and we'll spin ideas off of each other for about 20 minutes and they magically, something perfect comes up. I delayed posting this year's picture because it revealed, only to our close friends, the baby news. This is a history of our Halloweens together, and two first place wins, I might add.

Year one: We were our good friends, Ray and Kathy as they were back when they first met in college. This one is only funny or enjoyable to the people who were at the Halloween party. We won first place!


Year two: We kept with the Ray theme and decided to take our constant joke with him to the next level. This guy could be mayor of New Orleans because everyone knows him and he loves the city more than most people I know, so Ken made a stencil of his face and we fashioned these t-shirts. We wore visors, tube socks and sneakers, with clip boards in hand for we were Ray's campaign managers. Sadly, victory was not ours: 2nd place.


Year three: Up until about about 2 hours before the party we were not even going to go because of miss Avery. But my Dr. Seuss obseession took over and we dressed as Thing 1, 2, & 3. Avery slept the whole time and was held by everyone. We won nothing but the cutest baby award. (self proclaimed.)
 Year four: Debating whether or not to spill the baby beans, we went ahead and did it. I saw this somewhere online and made it with an old cardboard box and felt in about 15 minutes. Thank goodness for glue guns. You can't see Ken, but he was the baker. (insert laugh...) It took people a couple seconds to put together what was going on, and when they did it was followed with, "Awww, congrats!!!" Not only did we win first place, we received so much love for the newest addition to our family.

Who knew Halloween could be so darn sentimental?
Now, off with Fall and now for only Christmas themed posts. Huuzaah!

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Shannon said...

love all of these! so creative!

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