birthday joy

Ken treated me like a queen for my birthday doing all sorts of things that he knew I would love. Over the weekend, I thought he forgot and I had a pregnant-hormonal-over-dramatic-reaction, while the whole time, he was probably thinking, "Your birthday is on Monday, right?"

I was a great day. And it looked like this:

6:40- Pancake breakfast with our dear friends at the house. I got to eat on the "You are special today plate." The table had lillies and balloons and love.

7:00- Put on the new and beauitful scarf Rachelle and Marty got me and walked to school.

7:00-12:30- Birthday texts from family and friends while at work and this sweet note.

12:30- Came home to find this chair that I have been wanting for a while.

3:00- Prenatal massage. Oh.my.heavens. If you're pregnant or not, GET ONE!

4:30- Played a message from my mom where she had 100 5th graders sing me happy birthday

4:32-7:00- Hung out with the Ave-face who was espeically adorable (she must have known...)

7:30- A dear friend from church came over to sit with Avery so we could go out.

8:00- Walked to dinner, such a joy.

8:30 Had amazing sushi at the new place that recently opened up by our house. (I get the cooked stuff, no worries.)

9:15 On the way home, stopped at the new frozen yogurt shop literally around the corner from our house and got an extra huge portion. "It's your birthday cake," Ken said.

10:30 Went to bed with a smile on my face, in my new pajamas from my mom.

 Great day.

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Ali said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great day!!

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