doctor and date

One of the perks of being part time this year is that I get to take Avery to her check ups. It's fun to hear that she's doing well and that she's still toping the charts (95% in all categories...) and that she's meeting all her milestones and the fact that she calls me Daddy is not a big deal. I'm not sure if she's at the age of understand "shots" but she got two yesterday and I let her wear my shades to take her mind off of the needle and she still cried, but was quickly comforted with a care bear sticker.

There is this great restaurant by the doctor's office called Milk Bar so we stopped in to get a sweet treat. We bought a banana mango smoothie just to see how she'd like it. Avery, in the beverages category, 90% water, 10% milk. We have tried juice and she's not down. Smoothies that taste like her favorite fruit (banana)... well, that's another story. She loved it, and this place had a bin of books and stuffed animals for her to play with. And she got her own cup and straw. What a great day. It was the first time we went somewhere that we didn't plan on going to and it felt like a date. She was well behaved and clearly enjoyed herself. We parked far away, and she didn't want me to hold her, she wanted to walk, while holding my hand. It was a lovely day!
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