these are my confessions (in the 20th week)

As I inch towards to midway point, I have some confessions to make. Things that are ridiculous that I'm going to attribute to being pregnant. Ken might disagree that I'm like this all the time, but who would say that to a pregnant woman?

1. I love McDonald's breakfast, with a coke. Probably the worst way to start a morning, but it calls to me and I try to figure out a way to get there. After like 3 bites into my sausage egg mcmuffin however, I have eaters remorse because I know I did something bad to my body.

2. I love how I look pregnant. From like 20 weeks to about 34 weeks, I feel fabulous. I love to put my hands on my belly to draw emphasis. My maternity clothes are the best. Stretch panel pants? I'll take 3. None of my clothes zip, button or snap. Thank the good Lord.

3. I ate an entire pint of gelato in two days, not by sitting down and actually eating it. EVERY time I was in the kitchen, I had a spoon handy for "just a few ten bites." Ken literally had ONE bite. My response was, "hey, I don't get to drink your beer, you can't eat my gelato." Purely rational.

4. Newman's mint cookies are like crack to me. In two days, they have vanished. Ken had five, and I actually don't remember when I devoured the remaining box of them. No recollection. Probably after I had those sweet bites of gelato, I needed a cookie, or five.

5. I will blame ANYTHING on being pregnant.
"Hon, can you make the bed?" (no, tired and pregnant.)
"Did you change Avery's poopy diaper? (no, the smell makes me sick, I'm pregnant.)
"Can you bring the groceries in? (too heavy, I'm pregnant)

Or...even worse
6. I'll ask for EVERYTHING because I'm pregnant.
"Is the power cord for the computer near you?" (I'd get up, but I'm pregnant)
"Let's go out to eat, the baby wants Mexican food"
"Are we getting a sweet treat after dinner?" (craving- I'm pregnant)

7. I have the stinkiest breath. Why?

8. I don't want to tell my students I'm pregnant because I don't want to have to calm them down after they react. Laaazy!! (I'm sure they know, but still. I did this with Avery too. I'm weird.)

9. I'm not hungry for dinner most days, but around 3, I crave a coke and a hot dog. Not a hot dog from a nice place, a dirty one from circle K. This, however, has only happened once. All the other times I go there, they are out. (I get pissed inside. I settle for a bag of jalapeno Cheetos.)

10. I did yoga once and I felt like a bad ass.

11. I had a bit a wine last night, it was delicious. And I'll have a sip of Ken's beer when he has one. Eeek!

There you have it. I'm ridiculous but I have a husband who loves me regardless. Really, I can only imagine how many times he has wanted to roll his eyes but has controlled the desire.

We find out Thursday is it's a boy or girl! I keep thinking it's a boy because I feel so different from Avery. I was sick with Avery the whole time pretty much, but with this one, I was CRAZY sick (in the ER for dehydration sick) for the beginning, and now, I'm good to go. No more throwing up. I also got headaches in the beginning with this one, and never with Avery. People say (my doctors looooves it when I tell him "what people say...") but people say that you have headaches with boys because of the hormone levels. With Avery I gave her all my lady hormones, but this baby doesn't want them, so they stay with me, giving me my awesome migraines. Makes sense to me! This baby's heart rate is slower, but about 5 beats on average and I feel the baby kicking really low, where with Avery I felt her kick at this point all over. Boys carry lower? Again, my doctor literally laughs when I mention these things, but they help me think of boy names, which I have like ten I love, and Avery got the best girl name I could think of.

What do you think? Boy or girl?

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Shannon said...

can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! we seriously need a play date soon!

and I LOVE me some maternity clothes! super comfy, and they help avoid my irrational fear of being caught with my fly down in public.

and I LOVE my preggo body also... it's the only time my tummy is ever firm and I can proudly show it off!!!!

I had a feeling that your girl name for Avery would start with an A (although I thought it would be Amelie), and for some reason I have a feeling about a B for this one... any B names?

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