Mardi Gras is the greatest time of year.

Avery's second Mardi Gras was one of more awareness. While she loved the marching bands, when the floats rolled by, she wasn't the happiest camper. She's smiling above because she loves to see herself on Ken's phone when pictures are taken, but you'll see in other pictures, a very pensive Avery.

These ladders are made with seats on the top for the kiddos to sit on and the parents stand behind to make sure beads don't hit their kids in the head. Avery is the youngest in this bunch but about a year, but she fit in just fine. We were in great company.
 Using the wonders on the iphone to keep her happy...

 I don't know about this....

On Mardi Gras day, we walked TWO BLOCKS from our house to score front row seats of the Rex parade. This parade goes down Napoloen, the street we live so close to. It's fun that people park in front of our house for prime mardi gras parking spots. Do you see who I get to spend my life with? These two, my favorite people on the planet. We reversed our capes for this parade day.

These are from Thursday night, capes all coordinated. This is when we realized Avery might not love Mardi Gras just yet. By the time Rex came, 5 days later, she showed more enthusiasm.

I would say that this was the most fun Mardi Gras we've had in the 6 years we've lived here. Sharing it with a lively, inquisitive toddler made it even more of an adventure. We are already thinking of costumes for next year.

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