house tour, kinda

We have been living on the new side of our house for about 3 months now and I haven't posted any pictures mainly because nothing is completely finished. Everything is close, so I thought I would post some pictures of before and after shots, mainly of the front two rooms with some details that I love. Ken did a great job! 

after, living room flows well to the kitchen/dining area. makes having people over for dinner really fun.

before, no kitchen here. it was in the back. ken moved it up to under the window, moved the doors to make a hallway which if you know about shotgun houses, they don't have hallways. I'll post about that later when I show off the bathroom and 3 rooms.

after, view from the kitchen, my favorite. its so open now.

after, see that yellow wall? replaced the orange with mainly white in the front two rooms, but made the back wall yellow. probably the best decision.
yellow wall, yellow window trim, subway tile, sweet pieces from my mom and friends
the top cabinets ken put in with some Swedish love from grandma and a quote that sums up our existence here in new orleans

90 year old original fireplace and mantle next to my 1987 kitchen that is now Avery's

restored floors sanded and glossed to perfection with the front of the peninsula covered in restored wood from PRC. love this touch

our growing art collection, courtesy of Ave

the mantle in the front room, still with mardi gras decor...

Moroccan bowl, from morocco (thanks mom)

Avery's playdate table. belonged to my oldest brother, but then I went and painted it. see that yellow again?

oh, i pose now like this. new orleans has worn off on her.

That is a very rough and early peek into our house. I feel that I could take a million pictures of each room because I love what is now my house, but I'm also lazy and pregnant and when I use the "nice" camera as oppose to my iphone, I have to hook everything up to load them and then take up space on my computer, and ...blah, blah, blah...

I would really like to show how Ken changed it from a shotgun to a house with a hallway because it's so great to have the privacy but the pictures don't translate that well. I'll give it a shot though.

Thanks for checking out our digs here at Chez Kostrzewa.


Sharon said...

i love i love!!

Shannon said...

so great! you guys did such a great job!!!!

krystrom said...

Melanie!!! OMG...I have just discovered your blog. Now that i'm off FB i'm kinda out of the loop on everyone, BUT so fun to find your blog and read about your colorful life:) I'll never forget my NO experience with you darlin...me, you and the boys, haha! (and ps- this is Katie "Rystrom" Cook) I'm now living in your neck of the woods Fullerton, with my hubs!! If you are out visiting fam, please come visit us!! Love Katie

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