for a toddler who loves presidents (DIY)

Gift giving can be a challenge for a toddler who loves presidents because all presidential type toys are for older kids because I guess not many two year olds can pick out Abe Lincoln on the cover of a magazine yards away when at the grocery store. So, I took some blocks, mod podge and some pics thanks to wiki and we have: presidential blocks.

 Select your presidents. We choose Abe, George, TJ and Teddy. 

 I cut a piece of card stock the same size as the blocks. 

 Perfect faces of Ave's faves
 Then came the cutting of our forefathers
 Then I glued each piece to each square
 Then I trimmed around each block to make it clean
Oh TJ, sorry I cut your eye
 I let the glue dry over night, then I painted the other sides either yellow or orange, then I painted each side with mod podge. 
 My favorite block, each set of eyes

 And there you have it, Avery loved it. It was a bit difficult for her to figure out, but she'll grow into it. 

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