pre nesting

Is that such a thing? I've caught the crafting bug around here. It's been fun! Who knows how long it'll last, but you know I'll document cause that's just what one does when they do anything these days. Especially stay at home moms; we're proud of our children and our crafts. And blogs are for bragging/sharing. Truth.

The first little diddy I made is this here pillow. I saw a huge version of this on fab.com right when we found out about BK3. It was like, hey, that's us! And scrabble is cool! So I decided cross stitch was the way to go. I googled the letter K, made it real big on my computer, then printed it, cut out the K and the 5, traced it, boom. You'd be surprised how long that took, but a few evenings of watching Les Mis, you know how it goes. And because I'm cheap and dislike driving to Metarie, I got this fabric from a thrift store, so that's why it's pieced together in such a charming way.

 Eliza approves. 

I sewed some curtains for our front doors. The paper we had hanging as temporary curtains only hung there for 2 years, so. Yeah. I wish I would had done it sooner. It helps when the bright sun shines through the house around 6.

I have a hard time throwing away bottles, or any other glass jar. Hence a large collection found around the house, and I saw this look online, and sprayed away. I think the best part is the zinnias that we are able to pick from the front yard. The gold brings out the great color!

I put up some art in the girls' room with washi tape, which I just discovered, while also discovering it sticks better to drywall than plaster. That elephant woke up in Eliza's bed with her the following morning. She loved it at the art shop we stopped into the other day. And then the presidents for Avery; she had this great book with huge portraits that was falling apart, so this was the best way to save it. You should have seen her when she walked in the room. She stares at them as she falls asleep. Really normal.
I'm always looking for fabric at thrift stores, and I found this great pillow case the other day and made a skirt for Avery. I added some bias tape to make it look less "pillow casey", ya know. 

While looking for fabric, I found some placemats. I spend way to much time on sewing blogs, and ages ago saw how a mom took satin fabric and attached to placements to make aprons, so I did with some fabric I already had and it was pretty adorable. Avery thought she was a chef, and made us eggs and cupcakes.

The laundry hasn't been folded in a week, but big deal, right?
And I'm staying up late writing this post so my black nail polish can dry while I watch Pretty Little Liars.
Those two things are not connected.
Every 29 year old stay at home mom needs black nails, right?

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