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(this is related because it's an instagram picture. and she's the best.)

Like most moms, as I fall alseep at night I scroll through instagram, and more specifically, my own feed. Cause I'm that obsessed with my children. Last night I scrolled back to the day Eliza was born. GO TO BED MELANIE. You know how the blue light of your phone makes it harder for you to fall asleep? Well, being hugely pregnant doesn't help either, but I have an H of a time falling asleep. That's not what we're talking about. Okay.

So, this revolution of square shaped photos is perplexing to me. I could just get cheap like 13 cent prints and cut them into squares, yes? Yes, always yes. But, I don't really want to go through the hassle of centering my insta pictures and then getting out my paper cutter, cause I'm pregnant and far too busy watching The Office on Netflix during my free time. Then I saw that Walgreens prints instagram pictures directly from the Walgreens app, and then you could pick them up in a hour. You didn't have to pay for shipping or nothing. So I did what any logically person would do and I searched for a Walgreens coupon code, and BLAMO, saved 30% so each print ended up costing 23 cents, instead of 39. It's the little things, folks.

But the app is so simple. You simply click on your favorite photos, which I ended up selecting 56 from the last, say 8 months or so and I tried to get as many of the girls together. Added my coupon code, selected my nearest Walgreens, and LIFE CHANGED. Now where should these little monkeys go...

Why on the family letter wall of course! This area will be constantly changing with a new letter added and more cute faces of babies.

You know how I worry about tape, and it taking off the paint behind it. Well I cleaned out a drawer of random crap the other day and I was rewarded by finding this sticky stuff that doesn't remove paint, and is safe for pictures. Then I got my stick on, after measuring the space and staging the pictures so there wasn't like a whole row of Eliza or something tragic like that. 

And I LOVE it. Only $15 and a nap time. Avery is my fan club president. She woke up, "Oh mom, that looks so cool. I love it mom." and Eliza stared and pointed for a while. And then Ken saw it and pointed out details that I spent time plotting, thinking no one would notice, but then he did. It was an all too wonderful day. 

And you guys, Walgreens doesn't care that I'm writing this, so don't go thinking I'm like a sponsored blogger. 
That would be cool though, but it's not true. 


Sharon said...

I'm astonished that Walgreens does this. And I look through my own IG feed all.the.time. Now it's on your wall! So cool.

Sharon said...

I'm astonished that Walgreens does this. They SHOULD pay you.

Hannah said...

I'm doing this TODAY. Thanks!

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