ten on ten // november

I thought this post would include some baby love, but alas, she's not here yet. 
That didn't stop us from making the most of having grandma in town and the weather agreed. 
Here we go!

You have to love neighbors that write you love notes with Avery's sidewalk chalk. 

These are making the day brighter, an "i'm overdue" indulgence.

Oh peanut, you feisty little lady. A moment of calm captured here. 

La Boulangerie with Grandma! What could be better?

Park time before church!

This is my defense to people who think our girls don't enjoy nature, cause, this counts, right? 

 Dads at the park are way better than overdue moms at the park, just saying. 

 At the zoo, where Eliza has taken to yelling at the gorillas. 

 Holding tight to grandma when the big guy decided to move. 

 And then he posed like this for the longest time, so regal. 

Wash up and to bed ladies, the Saints game is on! 
(which we won, wahoo!)

I promise, next post will have a baby. 

1 comment:

Hena Tayeb said...

wishing the baby comes soon.. i can't imagine being over due.. my first little guy came two weeks early..

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