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This was our 5th year parading with krewedelusion and it delivered the usual awesome evening of delusional and semi ridiculous behavior. I know a lot of people don't understand the parades that take place in new orleans during Mardi gras, much less these lesser known somewhat underground parades, but just take my word for it, they are simply the best. We have met so many wonderful people though it all, since Ken is a captian, we are part of planning the whole thing from the get go. This year we contributed to the overall krewe as Ken was in charge of security and I made the banners for the title floats. Every year we do a little bit more and we're already thinking about ideas for next year. 

For our inner krewe, ALKREWEISTS, we stepped up our game too. The name, a lot of people just nod and smile when I tell them the name, not understanding that it's a play off of the word "altruist: a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others" because our krewe is made up of people, not native to New Orleans, who moved post katirna to be part of the city's rebirth. We wear capes every year, and underwear over our tights to make like we're super heroes saving the city, when really, we hold no exceptional skills, and in the end New Orleans saved us, in a way. Get it? 

The theme of the parade was "Fruits of our Labor." We were the FDA (Foundatin for De-Amplicifaction) because of the recent noise ordinance that this city is trying to pass limiting the decibel levels of the music played in the city. We were the decibel deputies, hence the badges, aviators, and mustaches. We handed out ear plugs and violations to people being too loud and badges covered in glitter. This year we added a throw that will be passed out every year, mini capes! I get excited about this because, well, I sewed each one and I like to think it's our Muses shoe, or our Jieaux bagel. (I can't really explain that, so if you know what I mean, then, yes. Mini capes.)

I can say, after shhhh-ing people and ticketing the audience for being too loud, that when people picked up on our sarcasm they thought, "Those Alkreweisits, a clever bunch!" 

On to the pictures! 

I made these banners! I'm pretty proud, freezer paper stencils all day!

I made this one too! I sewed the letters on this bad boy as we hope to carry it for many years of parading to come. 
In the meantime, perfect for the living room? 
 I also made those capes. We sparkle like diamonds in the sky. I also broke my sewing machine. 
 hot cops
 Ken was going for the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" look
 These were "stamps" to approve or deny people being too loud

 krewedelusion den/pre party
 This krewe is called "tap dat". 
If I weren't a committed Alkreweist, I'd join them in a heartbeat. 

Getting our throws ready!

 If there's a walkie-talkie to be used, Ken will find a way. 
An operations man by day, an operations man by night, only at night he wears his unders outside his pants. 

Loved all the signs this year!

Going for the Salvador Dali look? 

 krewe de Suess… has my heart. 

 Group shot!! 

Who are these Alkreweists anyway, you say? Meet this renegade group of delusionists, starting with the 6 members who have paraded all 5 years that krewedelusion has been around:

El Capitan (Ken) & El Commandante (Jeremy)
And the women who love them:
Krewe Moms: Melanie & Kristen
(This title comes from the fact that I take pictures the whole time and the Jones are always checking in making sure people are staying hydrated and carbo-loaded. Things moms do, you know.)
Thom, a man who embodies New Orleans culture & Drew who shows up right before we roll and parties hard

Next up with have Uncle "Dancing Man" Teeter, rolling for his 3rd year. Note that Harris does not actually live in New Orleans, but has falling so in love with parading that he makes great efforts to parade each year. In that this year, his flight was canceled and he did everything possible to get here by taking a handful of flights, then renting a car in Montgomery and driving through the night. His stay was about 36 hours; all committed to parading. 
Our first timers, and HOPEFULLY repeaters after their experience… 
From the 7th ward:
Anne & Kelle
 From upsteezy we have:
Kevin & Renee

 Flawless educators by day, delusionists by night:
Jeff & Nora

And Lorraine, Kate (Drews wife) and Seth

Another delusional night for the books. 
This week Ken and I have had our evenings free because he's not at captains meetings and I'm not glued to my sewing machine. We're bored. 
But, carnival season is upon us! Parades every weekend! 
And, I do have to make some costumes for the St. Ann parade!
Ivy's first Mardi Gras! 

happy carnival everybody! 

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