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I have learned some valuable things this week. I felt it necessary to share. This will eat up a few minutes of your time with absolutely nothing valuable. If you're looking for one of those teary mom posts that I love to do, close this window. This is a collection of thoughts I had tonight while doing the dishes. 

1. ALWAYS do all of the dishes before bed. Your morning will be so much nicer. Don't soak greasy pans in soapy water over night. (Also, don't look at my sink currently. I'm gonna be T-ed off tomorrow.)

2. Don't ever try to not make any noise, because you will, without a doubt, make more noise than if you would have approached the task normally. 

3. I have three tiny succulents on the window cill in my kitchen. They are, very much, dead. Have been for over a year. I don't water them, even though they live over a sink, nor do it replace them or toss them. It would have been a very easy plant to manage. I do, however, carefully move them when I have to open the window because I'm testing the strength of our smoke alarm by burning dinner, and then I carefully move them back to their home on the window cill. I have no idea why this is. 

4. There is this small spot at the threshold to our bedroom where a lighter piece of wood connects to a darker piece of wood and when you step on it, it makes a creek that is heard throughout the house. I step here EVERY night before bed and Ivy will stir for a moment and I'll silently shake my fists in the air like, "WHY!!?!" Ken pointed out this spot so that I could avoid it, but, I apparently have a problem understanding. 

5. My baby hairs are starting to grow. My Ivy baby hairs. I've complained about this before. But, they are growing where the hair fell out around my temples, and I sweat getting the kids in and out of the car, so I have retired my straightener till the fall because, you can't straighten baby temple hairs. You can't. 

6. I did a juice cleanse this week. I also took naps during the day this week. No caffeine, ridiculous. I'm so weak without it! Real juice is gross after a while. I fasted in college for a week and only drank juice, to hopefully elicit some burning bush type moment wherein it would be revealed to me what I was suppose to do with my life. I didn't actually fast because I drank V8 and minute maid juice all day. NOT REAL JUICE. (Even though the bottle said 100% juice.) Probably why no burning bush showed up. 

7. Some nights all the girls will wake at some point crying. Like last night, and we will check on them, then get back into bed and just as we drift off back to sleep, another one with wake. It is in these nights when I think, damn, we have a lot of kids. NOT when old ladies tell me I have my hands full. That makes me feel like a badass because I'm like, "Yeah I do! And they are all dressed and fed and we are out of the house kicking ass and taking names! WHAT!?"

8. On that note, DON'T EVER SAY THAT TO A MOM. EVER. You will upset her. (I originally wrote "you will piss her off" but I didn't want to come off too aggressive.)

9. I have found that I should never claim absolutes with my babies. Like, "she never cries!" or "oh, she's a great sleeper!" because as sure as the sun will rise, they will prove those statements entirely false. Those humble brags will always do that to you. 

10. Is GLEE over? Are they even at the high school anymore? I'm actually confused about this. 

11. I don't watch new TV shows. I watch Friday Night Lights over and over. I should correct myself, I listen to Friday Night Lights over and over. I have Netflix on my phone and I play the show while I sew. I don't watch it, just listen, like it's on the radio. And I fairly convinced that Tim Riggins and I would have been friends. Texas forever. 

12. I make red beans and rice almost every Monday cause I'm such a sucker for tradition, and it's a slow process but so good. I made them tonight and burned the beans, bad. Probably because it wasn't Monday? Are you only suppose to eat red beans on Monday? Yes. 

13. Ken hates it when I'll write an Instagram caption using no capital letters. It's actually bugs him. Today, while reading favorite pointless mom blogs, I found myself yelling, from the inside, USE THE SHIFT KEY! THERE ARE TWO FOR A REASON! Is this a thing? No caps!?

14. Speaking of pointless mom blogs, I should end this with a picture. Okay. 

You're welcome, and goodnight! 

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scs said...

Love these random thoughts. And, confession - when I first started to read #3, I immediately assumed "three tiny succulents" in your kitchen were your hungry children, because that sounds pretty much like my life. Ha!

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