it hasn't been that hot

What else can I say other than this summer has been delightful, and horribly fast. Avery starts school in two weeks, like a big school. Public school. Monday thru Friday school. Uniform school. "I get to eat lunch there" school. Holy fish, I'm more nervous than she is. 

It's all about to change. Avery's daily grind is going to have like a million more people in it. I think I'm going to run for room mother. I don't know if schools here have those, but I'm going to make it happen. Can you imagine being the teacher of my first born? Moms who were teachers, and then are moms are the worst in parent-teacher conferences. I'll be like, "Let me evaluate you, and then I'll get back to you about Avery's growth." I'm certified to do that. Seriously.

We're doing a big thing here. I have been part of the "movement" in education in New Orleans since 2007, and Ken is currently, I often thought, "this is great, but when I have kids, they'll be homeschooled," because the schools just weren't where I wanted them to be. But A LOT has happened, and we found a school, a public charter school, that we really like and we're jumping in, the deep end and we're letting go a bit and taking a leap. Avery will stand out, of course, but I think she's the type of person who will always stand out. Just the way we like it. Everyday when she spends time cutting out toys for her Oriental trading magazine, she was says, "I'm a good cutter, now I can go to school." Yeah girl, you go. 

We still get Avery from 1:30 on so we'll still take trips around town, but I think I'm going to miss that girl horribly. I mean, there are days where I'm like, "can she stay all day?" cause, you know, mother and daughter dynamics. For the most part though, she's incredibly charming and genuinely funny. Now other people get to see this and be blessed by it. Go therefore, child, and make jokes in all the nations. 

So, hellooooo August! Let's not have any hurricanes, okay? 

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Sharon said...

TWO WEEKS?! Wow that's fast. She'll be great.

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