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Isn't it about time for a fun photo update from the kostrzewas? Happy Thursday, y'all. That's what you're about to get. Highlights: Avery started school! Ivy started crawling! Eliza started wearing sunglasses and her hair makes the most perfect curl down the middle of her forehead. That's noteworthy, yes? Ken started school too! Mom started (and just finished) whole30! It's been a whirlwind here.

Brevity has never been a strong trait of mine so there are a million pictures. So, pour yourself a drink.

 When they're not yelling at each other, they're lovey dovey.

 Dear Mom, you will never go to bathroom alone ever. Love, all three of us that now are mobile

 What caption would add to this picture? nothing. 

 Ivy "go with the flow" Marie taking in the park and the library with the sisters

 You may have seen a thousand of these on Facebook, BUT THIS ONE IS THE BEST!
Our new normal with A at school. It's good. 

 A new model for the shop. 
 I get a text a day of Avery in action at school. This would be her second breakfast. Tough life, kid.

 We saw Ivy's plastic surgeon for her check up and everything is great! I have been looking forward to this appointment with such anticipation. I was expecting us to share a drink and toast his success and her recovery. I was prepared with a heart felt thank you speech wherein I would explain to this man that he has changed my life, etc. But then the appointment was 5 minutes and he said, "looks good!" and started to walk out. "Oh, um, Dr. St. Hilaire? Can I get a picture of you... holding Ivy?" pause... "Yeah, sure." And then Ivy put her hand on his shoulder and he was instantly in love. I forget that he doesn't hold babies, he just opens their skulls and touches their brains. It must be hard to be so brilliant and then have to talk to moms who are crazy. I didn't cry though!! 

 Avery and dad went on a date to the Superdome for the Saints first home game. You see, Ken is one of the nicest guys. Pretty much the opinion across the board. He manages the bus drivers that come to his school, and one of his drivers gave him these tickets. Because, Ken is nice. And then when they came home, he goes, "I should have brought some of your business cards. Ladies kept complimenting Avery's skirt. You could have sold out of these!" hashtag good dude. 

 I still make her model on the weekends. Sorry/not sorry kid. 

 Sunday mornings. My favorite mornings. 

 Playing with the neighbors dog. And playing with my "allergic to dogs" heart. 

 20 pounds of the best

 After we drop off Avery at school we take to city park, which is actually amazing.
I NEVER KNEW! I walk everywhere with the babies and Eliza loves to find blue dog in the sculpture garden. 

 It's as if Ron Swanson was consulted by Roy Lichtenstein for this sculpture. 
(If you understood all of that, you are my best friend.)

 Welcome to the sheeeet show! The 3:1 ratio at the pediatrician is always a party. 

 Wednesday T-shirt day! Yes! 

 The evening light shines through the window right on Ivy. And then her eyes pierce my heart. 

 "Had a good month in the shop!" said that annoying girl who sells skirts. 

 Yes, Ivy. It is funny when you're sisters get kicked out of the tub for fighting. 

 I think of her scar as like a collection of freckles in a swirly line, and it seems to be adorable. 

 Ivy's in a booster! Welcome to the table, child. 

 After Breaking Bad swept the Emmys, I suddenly got 4 orders for these skirts. 
Thank you, Heisenburg. 

 I also make bibs and burp cloths now. So, fun? 
Stop talking about your shop. 
 And then two months just fly by and this baby is looking great. 

 Weekends with these monkeys is the tops. Avery got dressed herself. 

 The small movie theater near our house is showing Robin Willaims movies every Sunday night and last Sunday was Dead Poets Society. The place was sold out with a line around the block. This movie,  I cried of course. 

 That curl! Will not fail. 

 Snark face at whole foods, post school.

 My babies taking it easy as mom sweats into her eyeballs. It's toasty out there folks. 

She wakes me up with this face. And the curl, can't forget that curl. 

Phew! Are you still there? That was a lot, probably too much. Oh well!
You were warned. 

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Sharon said...

YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO DOGS?? But clearly I'm your best friend.

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