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Friends! How are you? This is a photo dump, so if you're looking for ramblings, that's not today. If your'e looking for something to quickly scroll through, this is the post for you!! I do try to keep this blog to family stuff, but the shop has been occupying most of my free time and I want to share what has been going on! First off, these new skirts and bibs are in the shop now:

There's a coupon code right now: HAPPYFALL to save 15%. Shop HERE!  

 The Twirl shop is now an LLC! So, technically I own my own company. This, this is thrilling. Oh the conversations I can have a cocktail parties. Now, to get invited to a cocktail party. That's the next goal. (Banner designed by Rachelle!)

Do you wanna build snowman?? These Olaf shorts are for boy and girls, with pockets! 
Check them out HERE. 

Okay, enough about the shop. 
Now for the fabulous Kostrzewa 5!

Ken has indulged me in selfies lately. This is entirely pathetic that things like this make me happy. He knows how much I love pictures, so we went to a wedding this weekend and he initiated these selfies.  Swoon. He also looked dang handsome this weekend, so it's probably just him wanting a picture of himself. 
 I like to think that tower in the back is the Eiffel Tower. But, to the left is the mighty Mississippi River. Just as good as Paris!! 

On Sunday, after church, Ken will take Ivy home to nap, and the girls and I pick up lunch somewhere on Freret Street to eat while watching the Saints game. This mural, in front of Gasa, Gasa is fantastic. And a little creepy. But, super hip. So, of course, I told my kids to stand in front of it. Then I stood in the middle of the street to snap it. Safe and smart. 

My baby turned 4! Oh, she's so beautiful, it's difficult sometimes. 

Avery wanted to celebrate with her class, which was great for me because all I had to do was bake some cupcakes! Her class, I love. I love her teacher, and love her friends. Being in a classroom, I'm normally the teacher, so being the mom was new for me, but so awesome.
Ugh, I love this picture because she's so happy with her friends. 

These two. I just, I can't.

Another selfie with Ken?! This was probably the most beautiful day ever. The weather was divine. 

Like white on rice; Ivy on my hip.


Little nugget, helping me sew. She'll be one in November.

We'll end this with the sun setting over the Mississippi. I used a self timer, and this was what we got. 
One shot, because I felt like a tool box doing this while people walked by. So, you know. 
The girls were also dancing to gangsta rap, and the words were obscene, so we ended this real quick. 

Love you all! 

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