skeleton pajamas

I don't know how I get sucked into these trends. I'm usually very quick to declare the opposite. But those dang skeleton pajamas. What is it with those? Everyone has them, gap, old navy, carters. It's like, really adorable. This Halloween the girls have really taken to all the decorations around town. It became part of our evening ritual, to go look at the skeletons on St. Charles. I do think the corner of St. Charles and State takes Halloween more seriously than Christmas, from a street watchers perspective. I'm not going to put a picture of this, because you have to see it. It's fantastic.

Anyway, as we make our way home from the evening event, Ken and I pretend the skeletons are gone, or that they are sleeping. The girls then try to hard to find them. It's wildly fun to be a Kostrzewa. Avery has increased in the "smarts" category lately and will call us out on our silly antics. She now knows where we're going once we leave the house and make our first turn on to whichever street. This could be said that we don't go to but 10 places, or that she's quite observant. But, skeletons. Our girls love skeletons!

So, we find ourselves at Walmart a couple days before Halloween, and I'm not sure what I was buying. You really go to Walmart just to get ONE THING. And it's not like Target where you go there for fun. Target is fun. Walmart is a chore. Do you agree? It was a dreadful day at Walmart, as most are, and the social commentary. Oh, the social commentary. I can't share that with a 4 year old so the texts to Ken are constant.

But on clearance, we found skeleton pajamas. Like super ridiculous pink ones where the bones are made up of hearts, and they happened to have a 4T, 2T, and 12 month all right next to each other. Just like that. And then ended up in the cart, and we quickly left Walmart as to keep some hope in humanity in tact.

We raced through dinner, and took quick baths and pulled the pajamas fresh out of the dryer because it was skeleton pajama time! I convinced myself that the girls earned new jams because of their crazy impressive milestone of all three of them sharing a room, which still blows me away. So, I took a million pictures!!!

I posted one on Instagram, but these were the lot of them. I'm like a 20:1 ratio of what I snap to what gets posted. So absurd.

Ivy LOVES her sisters. It's been just about the best thing to happen to me. 

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Sharon said...

Lilly loves skeletons too. Anything creepy, really. I love your girls. And I always give Walmart the benefit of the doubt, but EVERY TIME I leave hating it.

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