10 on 10 // March

Hello, and happy rainy hump day! I haven't done one of these in a while so here we go! I started another round of whole30! I did it back in August and it was really great for me. It helped my body in so many ways, but then I ate cake on Avery's birthday in September and it's been downhill ever since. And forget new year's resolutions to eat better, it was Carnival season! No one can refuse king cake, it's just rude. So, after all the celebrations, March seemed like the best time to do this again. 

Here's a standard breakfast- sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs and black coffee.

In the morning I'll check my twirlshop instagram feed and post something clever that convinces people to buy something. Serisouly, there's a method. This picture is way old, but after doing my shop taxes, I realized that I've sold over 100 of these black and white skirts (called CHIC CHICK which you can buy HERE) so I needed to let the world know! 

Peanut has been complaining about her hair getting in her face. You know that perfect curl that falls right between her eyes? Apparently, it bugs her. So, we did pigtails for the first time and, well, you can see her thoughts on the situation. 

Picking up Avery in the pouring rain, and then getting home and it's still raining! This is us waiting for it to stop, which it never did so we were some wet puppies while eating lunch, but it was fun. 

Ivy is always hungry! And when Ivy is hungry, she'll walk herself over to the table and just wait for her food. She'll do this for dinner time too while we're all doing something, she'll realize she's hungry and just sit here until we get the message. 

And then Chef Mom whipped up the best meal- chicken nuggets! I didn't even add some fruit which normally makes me feel better about what I'm serving them. Sometimes, y'all. Chicken nuggets. 

Whole30 lunches are the hardest for me to come up with. I usually just want chicken nuggets, but made this instead. Chicken with some whole30 mayo, wrapped in lettuce topped with mustard. Stop drooling, you know that sounds delicious. 

After naps we met dad for dinner on Freret and these monkey butts. Love them so. All of the sudden they seems like kids, and eating dinner at a restaurant is actually fun. 

At night, my friend picked me up and we went to The Moth. If you don't know what that is, it's story telling put on my NPR. Each month there's a theme and people submit their names in a bucket and ten names are picked. You then have 5 minutes to tell your story. There are three judges in the crowd and they give you scores out of 10. I went in February and didn't get picked, and then went last night and I got picked! I got picked last and I was so incredibly anxious the whole time waiting in anticipation for my name to be called. I was nervous, and I'm never nervous speaking in front of people. I used to do that all the time in college, but in college I didn't have a time limit and I wasn't sharing a story about my brave little baby Ivy. The theme was "hair" and I told about Ivy's surgery. I made the connection to the theme because I thought they were going to shave her hair for the surgery, but they ended up not. The story gave a brief account of the journey of Ivy's craniosynostosis. I almost cried once towards the beginning, and got choked up on the last line, but all in all it what the best. And if you win, you get your story aired on NPR. You can see the scores below, and I wasn't there to compete because my nerves were so out of control, I wasn't thinking about that. I just wanted to tell Ivy's story. But, I ended up getting second place by 0.1 points! I was shocked. The sweetest part though, when I was done and people applauded, the host came up and to ask the judges for their scores. And she said, "Okay, judges, what are your scores for Ivy and Melanie's story." Because that's what it is! It's our story! My friend secretly recorded it, so if you're dying to hear it, let me know and I can send it to you. Telling a story at The Moth was on my 2015 goals, and I did it! Wahoo!  

I just took this one to make 10 photos, so not on the 10th, but she is the best. Never too much Ivy. 

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