have a married christmas

Our first Christmas as a married couple was delightful. We spent the week in California laughing, watching movies, eating, visiting, eating and then going to In-n-Out, to eat. The Rhoads family this year decided to exchange books. Ken and I visited a local book shop in New Orleans and purchased books about our beloved city or books written by local authors. We were pretty excited to give them out and from our perspective, they were well received. My dad gave me an old favorite of mine that he found in the garage: Leonardo Dicaprio: A Real Life Romeo. If I were still in my obsessive Titanic phase, I would have been stoked. Instead, I just laughed and my brothers reminisced about the days when an entire wall of my room was covered pictures of Leo. Ken has forgiven me, but we are not allowed to watch movies in which he stars. Only kidding, I think.

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