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I have to admit something. I did a terrible thing. I have been spending my free time watching the new 90210. I claim that it helps cure my migraines (or as Ken would speculate, causes them...) Regardless, I watch the show. I love this show. I said it. I don't feel any better, but the truth is out there. Right now, as I blog, I'm waiting for yet another episode to download on my iTunes. And here's the worst part. My computer is full- no more memory! I have to delete some items in order for my new addiction to move in. So I'm faced with a decision, a dilemma if you will. What to delete, or do I delete at all? I have in my iTunes library about 40 episodes of "The Office" and the timeless 4 part mini series "Lonesome Dove." Now, I don't think I could ever look my father in the eye again if I deleted the show I watched on repeat during my childhood for, yes, the new 90210. You'd be surprised how often my family quotes Gus and Woodrow. And let's be honest, some episodes of "The Office" aren't that funny, right? (I'm trying to excuse my behavior; don't let me!)

But I did it. I made the desicion. Could it be that I'm miss the terrible drama of high school? Maybe because my life now is free of those things? But my high school drama was whether or not read for Kopacki's class and how I was going to lie during my lunch detention quiz, not if I was using hard drugs and later found out I got pregnant while at rehab. (Spoiler alert. I have a feeling though that none of you watch this show, I would expect more from you. However, those expectations I do not hold for myself.)

So, I'm sorry Michael Scott and the entire Dunder-Mifflin crew. It's nothing personal, just a phase.

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