the one about jazz fest

Saturday was jazz fest. We picked to go on this day because Wilco was playing, and Ken has loved them for years. For myself, the fan was born in me Saturday. To start, we were blessed with amazing weather. Another blessing included a free ticket from the relief team that Ken had been working with this past week ($50 saved). So as we leave to go to the fest we ask our neighbor if she wanted to go with us. She works for a local magazine and gets free tickets to everything cool in New Orleans, so of course she got tickets to jazz fest. as we’re driving there she says that her friend who was suppose to come meet her wasn’t going to come now, so I could have the other ticket (another $50 saved). As we approached the fair grounds there are swarms of people and residents selling parking for $20 a pop. Our friend Erin lived on Gentilly Blvd. and her landlord sells parking for $20 but because we knew Erin, we parked for free. So before we even entered the fairgrounds, we saved $120. That is what I’m talking about!

We entered the park to the sounds of Rebirth Brass Band. In my opinion, the best was to see them is in an outdoor venue because they get LOUD, like, make your ears ring. That was at Congo square. We then made our way throughout the grounds drinking daiquiris, eating amazing local food, and admiring the art that was for sale. We bought a 2009 Jazz Fest poster which will soon live on our walls. We went to the Gospel tent; clapped, danced, and did a conga line to praise music. It was great, and then a cool breeze would blow and you’d think, “Does it get any better?” And we hadn’t even seen the band that we came for and already we were satisfied.

With the big shows (that night it was James Taylor, Erykah Badu, and Wilco) people will come at the beginning, and then by the middle of the show, they have gone to hear someone else. For the loyal ones, but the time the show concludes, you are left in the crowd with the people who really want to be there, appreciating the music. Ken knew all but 2 songs, and I think I only recognized 3, but they put on an amazing show. The lead singer was funny, but didn’t talk too much between songs. The guitar player, Nels (who we met the night before, but Ken will have to blog about that later…) was insanely good. They are just a great band, simply put. I had no idea they had been around as long as they have. I enjoyed myself so much. I love listening to music, but sometimes at shows, I’m glad when they’re over because I’m tired of standing or some other lame reason like that. With this band, I never wanted them to stop.

It was a great day.

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