a plea

Dear Mouse who pooped on Ken's phone,

Please leave our house. I don't like you, in fact, I'm terrified of you. There are like 20 cats that hang out around our neighborhood, so I'm telling you to leave for your own good. It's only a matter of time. I have dealt with your kind before and it was not pretty. We can handle this amicably if you just get out, but if you poop again, we will retaliate. I'm not playing.


Laurel Street


emily said...

and we were JUST talking about cats. its almost as if mr. mouse knows you wont cave and get a cat. hhmm......who will win this battle?

Zach K said...

I'm not sure Ken was involved in the House of Pain's 'squalor', but the younger generation in that house clearly picked up the killer instinct from someone. I pity the mouse.

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