There is something about the rain that I love so much. I get excited, like a little kid when I hear the thunder "boom!" over and over. I have come to appreciate this since living in New Orleans because it doesn't storm like this in CA. My first August here, in '06, I was shocked at the storms and more shocked that no one else thought anything of it. My east coast and midwest friends found it old hat, just like I find breezy 75 degree weather, with the chance of earthquakes, the norm.

Right now, I'm in my adorable, cozy house, with no lights on, enjoying the sounds of trumpets from Sufjan and rain from heaven. And it's just that, heaven to me.

Somehow I think that when it rains, work should be excused, chores should be put on hold, and we should sit on our porches and enjoy. Slow down, and enjoy.

Sidenote: I should also mention that it's 94 degrees outside. Lately it's been real hot. At school today, when I arrived at 7:15, the air had been shut off over the weekend and wasn't working properly this morning. Oh sweet mother, inside felt like outside and it was nasty. Thankfully, I was reminded as sweat was dripping down my brow, back, and everywhere, of Sri Lanka. I taught English in Sri Lanka with no AC while it rained and I loved every minute of it. Perspective. As I check my dashboard to see the weather here, I still have Trincomalee on there and it's raining there too, only it's 95 degrees.

I hope you enjoy the rain.

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