king of pop

When Michael Jackson died, I was really sad. I have been realizing lately that I'm very soft, emotionally. I will get really sad for people who I don't even know. Like when I saw UP the other day, I was so sad for that sweet old man. Likewise with MJ. I think my first CD that I bought of his was this past October and it was his number ones. I would listen to it over and over again because that's what I do when I get a new CD. It's locale for the first couple months is in my car's CD player. So I sang to the man in the mirror, realized that it doesn't matter if you're black or white, learned that Diana was dirty, was reminded that I am not alone, and then I just beat it.

I would come home from work, for about a week and watch as many videos and interviews as I could find on youtube. For hours. I started to feel so sorry for him, again, like I knew him personally. The best was one night, as we were falling asleep, I say to Ken, "babe, I'm really sad about Michael Jackson." And Ken goes, "okay," and started to giggle. Thinking, is my wife for real right now? She didn't even listen to him until October.

All that to say, I thought he was great and I'm sad that he's gone. And I'm really trying to find this TIME magazine. I think it's a great photo of him. If you have it, send it to me. Thanks.

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