chandelier project

the final product!

When we bought this house, this little gem was left to us. When we found out we were having a girl, we decided to paint it, change the lights, and then hang it from the center of her nursery. This took the combined efforts of my crafty side and my husband's handyman side. The following pictures are the steps to get it looking this fancy and fabulous! We're pretty pleased with how it turned out.

what we found!

then we took off the dangling pieces, took out the cord and chain and cleaned it with baking soda and water

after making a trip to the hardware store, bought some automotive primer to get it ready for the yellow paint we would eventually usethen we sprayed it with two coats of this pretty yellow paint


lauren elizabeth said...

I LOVE this! I will be consulting you when we get a house to make one just like this. Baby girl is so lucky to have such handy/creative parents!

The Mangerchine's said...

I love this! Great job!

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