Dear Baby K,

I hope you know that we already love you and that we are so excited to meet you! According to the lady at Home Depot today, you should be here any minute. (grr...) I wanted to show you this picture of your daddy preparing your nursery. We bought this old house and in your room, there was carpet. We wanted to have hardwood floors in your room to match all the other rooms. So dad simply took out the carpet, only to find another layer, and then another layer of flooring. Right now your dad is grinding down about 500 nails (individually, by hand) that were coming out of the floor with this little tool called a Dremel. I'm pretty sure if he wasn't madly in love with you, he would have lost motivation in this project days ago.

See you soon!

Love, Mom and Dad

Mommy at 6 months 3 weeks in our mini garden


BeckySTL said...

Love the letter to baby K! Her Mommy and Daddy are working so hard to prepare her room! I'm sure it will be beautiful! Can't wait to see and hear more. Oh, if it makes you feel any better...I think every pregnant friend I know has wanted to stomp on that person who tells them 'any day now' when they are 6 months pregnant. Thanks a lot random lady at the grocery store/Home Depot/Dr. Office waiting room! :)

The Mangerchine's said...

Don't you HATE when everyone in the world says that you look way more pregnant than you are... or that you are HUGE!!!! The funniest part is that everyone who has told me that I'll never go until my due date has never had kids or been pregnant themselves. Oh, everyone is an expert, I've heard it all lately!

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