knocked up!

Don't mind the title of this post, but truth be told, I am! Most of you know this already because of facebook, emails, and phone calls, but we are blessed to announce that a precious baby girl will be added to our family of two. She is expected to make her grand arrival towards the end of September.

We are thrilled and completely clueless about what our new life is going to look like, but we know that God has is all planned. Ken has been working hard to get our house ready, and currently he is removing nails from the hardwood floors that were covered by 3 layers of other floors. I think this might be what people do in New Orleans. When you want new floors, why would you remove the other floor? Just layer it up! Here are some photos of the recent happenings:

moving all our crap

the dumpster in front of our new place for the massive gut

the front couple of rooms, ready for remodel
some freshly gutted rooms, how about those colors?
where the babe's room will be when we move to this side
the three of us:
Kostrzewas on Cadiz
And to end this post, a shout out to this guy. My husband, and our baby girl's daddy. He's been incredible through the whole pregnancy and with our house; I have never seen someone work harder on something. He has vision, drive, and compassion all in one.

and not to mention, these blue eyes that melt me daily.
what are the chances that our baby girl will have light eyes? hmm...

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Matt and Leah St. Pierre said...

CONGRATS on your baby girl to be and your new house! So much exciting stuff going on at once! I'm so very happy for you and can't wait to keep updated as time goes on!! Hope you're well!!

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