3 months & traditions

The babe turned 3 months last night. I'm torn with emotion because she gets more incredible by the day, by as each day passes, it's getting closer to when I have to return to work. When she was a month old, I thought, I have 2 more months to spend every minute with her! Yeah! Then when she turned 2 months, I thought, I only have a month left!! And now, well, dang it; the best season (yet) of my life is concluding. I'm trying not to spend most of these remaining days crying, but that's been a challenge. My weekends will be a lot more special, that's for sure. Here's a bunch of photos of the recent happenings at Cadiz.

Still not so sure about this bath time thing...

Avery's face when I told her I have to go back to work.

Our house for Christmas.

A little smile for ya in my cute Christmas dress!

Snuggles with mommy


A family tradition brought to New Orleans. My mom and dad deliver these coffee cakes to friends all over town. After baking 32 of them (while Avery napped) Ken, Avery, and I handed them out to our neighbors and friends. It was a great day.

I found my hands! I eat them ALL the time.

I ready to walk up in this piece!

Family's first Christmas!

I could stare at this picture for hours

And my doll-face saying, "See ya 2010, here's to an even better 2011!"

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