i could do this all day

Maternity leave is over. A new phase has begun: I'm a working mom, like so many mothers out there. Last Monday was my first day back and the morning was terrible; I cried and cried but I knew that she would be there when I got back and I had to keep telling myself that. I walked out of the doors in tears and Ken just kept telling me, "you can do it, babe." Monday was the only day that I wish I had a long commute to work. Thankfully, the kids weren't there yet so I had a day to get my feet wet. There were so many moments in the day where I was so thrown, had no idea what do to. My life for the past 13 weeks was on a 3 hour cycle. This was going to take some adjustment. Of huge blessings as of late, everyone at work was really excited to see me and Avery gets to spend her days at the Gibson home. I thrilled with this set-up, while nothing does compare to getting to spend every minute with my girl. I love coming home to see her, she's just so beautiful. Weekends are extra special now, and yesterday after church, we did this:
and it was amazing!

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