1st father's day

Yeah for Ken's first father's day! Now, we're silly rookies over here. Ken was in VA with Avery on Mother's Day, so we didn't get to be together till later that evening, and then on Father's day, Ken was flying home from another wedding that he was in over in VA. Two things: first, we're clueless about these holidays because we normally are at church those days and we then call our parents and grandparents that afternoon to tell them we love them, etc. But as far as plans, when we were getting his plane tickets, and I'm sure when his buddies were planning their weddings, they weren't thinking about these special days. second, I guess Ken is just too good of a friend that people can't but help to ask him to be in their wedding? Either way, it was kinda perfect because on Mother's day, I got to see them walk through the gate at the airport and I felt a new level of longing while they were gone, and then a new joy to see them return. I'm sure Ken felt the same way we he saw his baby girl the next morning. And clearly, if you look here you'll see just how happy she was to have him back. But on the real, Ken is an amazing father, he loves his girl so much and I love him even more as I watch him become a father. Even though I think every day I acknowledge his natural taking to fatherhood, having a day to shout it out more is always nice. So, Ken: YOU ARE THE BEST!!

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