37 days of summer

Goals. I like to set goals, and since it's the beginning of my summer, that's just what I'm doing here. I have 37 days. Thirty-seven days! Often times when I have a break from school, I find that the time slipped by and I didn't do all that I wanted to do. Well not this time, folks. The whole sleeping in thing that often keeps me from doing all the things I want doesn't exist much anymore with Avery. So here we go. Things I want to do this summer, and I would love to put it here on this blog. And when I go back to work, I can look back through this blog and say, "That was a nice summer, real nice."

1. Get my thrift on

2. Read more, internet less
3. ALWAYS make the bed 4. Drink this much water daily

5. Take Avery outside as much as possible!!!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

looks like a great start to summer! don't forget your required play date with the Mangerchines!

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