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Franklin Ave. '06-'07 : Congress Street '07-'08
Laurel Street '08-'09 : Cadiz Street '09-forever!

New Orleans' homes are unique. The first two homes I lived in flooded from Katrina, the 3rd one didn't get any water, and the current one I believe got water to the porch. I love the style of these homes. All but the first ones are double shotguns. Something you know about the house you live in, because these homes are so old, is that a lot of life was lived in them. These different homes held many memories for me that when I see them, I'm reminded of these times.

Franklin house: First place I moved to when I came to New Orleans after college. I lived upstairs with 3 amazing girls, and 4 equally amazing girls lived downstairs. We coordinated relief work. We lived in Gentilly as we watched a neighborhood come back after the storm. It was incredible.

Congress house: I lived here during my first year of teaching. This house is in the 9th ward, not the best place to live, but with my roommate, Emily, it was safe. I came to this place after long days of teaching second graders, and one day I came home to find my boyfriend proposing among candles, pictures, and roses. I think of how I'll take Avery here one day and say, "This is where Daddy asked me to be his wife."

Laurel Street: Located near Audubon Park, this is the first home for the Mr. & Mrs. Ken carried me across the threshold of the front door the day we got back to New Orleans after our honeymoon. I loved our days here. This house is where we returned to after we experienced our first evacuation, Gustav, and this is the house where we found out we were pregnant one Sunday afternoon.

And today, Cadiz: Avery's first home and the house that made us homeowners. The house where Ken gets to put his skills in rebuilding homes to work on our home. The house that I get to leave in the morning and walk a block to work. The house that is walking distance from Freret street where we get to see restaurants and small businesses blossom. All of these homes have made life in New Orleans so special.

We love living here.

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Shannon said...

love this post and love getting to cherish your memories with you! so touching!

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