beginnings of the bathroom

Ken has been working diligently to get our house ready to move in to. We own a double shotgun, and we live on one side while we are fixing up the other side. Eventually, we want to rent out the side that we live on now until our family requires more room, and then we would open the walls and make one big house. Shotgun houses get their name because you could stand and the front door, shoot a shotgun, and the bullet would hit the back door. (I think...) That means the all the rooms are in a row. You have to walk through our bedroom to get to the kitchen, for example. There are no hallways. So when Avery goes to bed in her nursery, she's actually about 15 feet away from us in "another room." On the other side, we (and when I say we I really mean Ken) added a hallway to make 3 private rooms, moved the kitchen up to the front and made the first two rooms a big kitchen open area. It's going to be awesome. Ken just finished the tile for the bathroom, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out!

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Shannon said...

you guys are so handy, I'm so impressed!

p.s. I love the new design!

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