100% more fun

Even though she can't talk, even though she poops her pants, and even though she is just a baby, this girl has the most positive effect on everyone she meets! People stop me and say, "Now that's a happy baby." I think about the impact that Avery will have on the world one day. How she will bring joy to the lives of many. I have thought about the person that Avery will grow up to be and how she will change the world, but I had no idea she would do that even now. We have family in Virignia, Missouri, and California. We skype and facetime with them often. The instant they see her face, they squeal with delight. My brother Jack just stares at her. My dad kisses the phone. We have a dear friend who doesn't have the best outlook on life who is now dreaming of seeing her graduate from high school. Her 8 months of life have added a lot to this world.

We went to a parenting seminar last week and the guy who spoke was great. God gave us Avery to watch over her and take care of her. We get to guide her, teach her and love her. What a blessing! The next day he saw Avery at church and said, "That is a very special girl. She's smart, like an old soul." How can he tell that from an 8 month old? Either way, I really liked that he said that.

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