picnic dress

Doesn't she look like a picnic waiting to happen? I love this print, very simple. But when it's a whole dress, I'm a little bit like, "whoa, that's a lot of pattern!" She pretty much hated the process of making it because I made the dress from my mind, without a pattern, and I put in on her with a lot of kinks. Then I took it off, improved the sleeves, added the yellow part on the bottom to make it longer and put a button on the front because Avery's head is so big! Even though she hates the process of me putting it on her, she loves the result. What a babe!! There is a thick 2 inch elastic band that goes around her waist making it fitted there. I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with those colors together. I'll probably make a skirt so that she can sport this cute color combo more. At first, the top of the dress was closed in and she looked a bit like a boy. Then I cut the top like a deep v-neck and I found that to be a bit to american-apparel-trashy-even-for-a-baby look so I added the button to gather it together. If we ever buy this child some shoes, some brown sandles would be real cute. That yellow is my fave, too. I have a cardigan (duh) that is the same color that I wear at least once a week, even in the hot summers here. Is it sad that Avery dresses A LOT better than I do?

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Shannon said...

1. I was just thinking that Noah dresses a lot better than me when I received a huge bag of barely worn Gap hand me downs for him yesterday!

2. I am so impressed that you sewed a dress, and did the pattern on your own. I need to step up my game, in such a short time sewing you are leaving me in your dust!

3. the dress and Aves are adorable!

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