pillow make-over

We bought some pillows way back in the day with a gift card from our wedding, back when I was not daring with color or pattern. Back when I didn't know how to use my sewing machine. Back when I was trying to decorate my house with mute colors. Thank goodness for this blog tutorial: PILLOW TUTORIAL which come to find out is written by a girl who lives in San Luis Obispo, where I lived for 4 years during college. I know, get out of town!! I bought this cherry blossom fabric a while back and realized it was too thick for any dress or skirt for Avery, but perfect for household things. This pillow is a cover that comes off for cleaning and changing out if I suddenly became one of those people who change decorative pillow case covers based on the season. Good luck there. It's more for when Avery spits up, now I can actually wash the cover. Let's be real here. Now, here is the before and after.

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