trip to CA

In honor of my Grandma's incredible life, everyone flew to CA to celebrate her last weekend. This is the first time we have both flown with Avery and the first time she got to be with her whole family, all at the same time. I wonder if she realizes how rare and awesome it was? In some way, I think she does. It was an amazing gathering of the people most precious in my life. I told Ken this morning that I know we are New Orleanians now, but a part of me still, and will always feel right at home in Fullerton. But it wasn't until we were all together in my parent's kitchen that I felt that tug and warmth come over me. The meals shared around the table, the late nights of talking, the in-n-out burgers, mom's tacos that seriously NO ONE can make as good as she does... all good things that are signs of God's goodness in my life. Just so special and I look forward to the next time it happens. Now I'm trying to figure out how that works without flying. 9.5 month Avery=not the best flyer. Mom with 9.5 month old Avery= not winning the patience award. Oh well, a few hours of discomfort for a weekend of lasting memories? Worth it completely. My mom has the family pictures and the pool pictures, but these we caught with our iphones of Avery looooving life.

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Ali said...

Just discovered your cute blog and wanted to say hi!! your baby is adorable!!

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