When I say kitchen, Ken isn't thinking what I'm thinking. He's thinking about the cabinets that are going to be put in next door and what type of counter tops we're going to make. I'm thinking about this:

What a dream would it be for me Avery to have a kitchen this awesome? Then I found myself on the Melissa & Doug page, and even looked at the careers tab because, how fun would it be to work for a sweet toy company? They seem like fun people too. These are what I found, and really loved. Not all kitchens, but all things that I need want from their page:

I see these beautiful things, and I see a challenge! How about making Avery her very own kitchen? I have seen some amazing DIY kitchens on pinterest and I'm officially inspired. I need to start looking around at thrift stores for some old end tables with drawers. Now I'm on the look out. Add this idea to my crafting list. I figure if I start now, I might possibly have it ready for her second third birthday.


Rachelle said...

This is such a fabulous idea. I'll totally be your little elf helper!

julieb said...

that kitchen is soooo awesome!
and all the little food!
love it!

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