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Ken's mom and grandpa were in town this week and it was great to have them here. We captured as many moments as we could because living so far away from family, these visits are rare. They doted on Avery in every way. She loved it, and is learning faces and definately recognized them. It was nice having family in for a lot of reasons, but one being, Ken and I had a mid-week date! Woo-hoo! We went to Cure, a great place right by our house. It's always fun to date my husband, without a stroller and diaper bag. He's quite the romantic.

Yesterday was game day, and even though the Saints lost, it was still so fun to watch. This city loves the Saints and for me, having never really followed a team before, it's seriously so much fun. My students get excited, everyone is wearing black and gold. It's a sign a fall too, which is great!

Ken's mom bought Avery an early birthday present: a porch swing. I know many, many precious moments will happen here. She really likes being outside and she will yell say hi to everyone who walks by, and if you're a dog? Forget it! She LOVES dogs. Even says, "Do, do, do" and points when she see them. Adorable. This will also be a great place to calm down before bedtime. Lucky girl!

Ken's grandpa is a great man. You can tell that he really enjoys Avery. I tried to get as many pictures of him with Avery because, even though he's in good health (like, helped Ken strip paint, hang doors, and organized the shed) I know these times are precious. Since my grandma passed in June, I think about how much she would enjoy to see Avery now, with her personality and all the rest. So I'm tender to grandparents, even if they are not mine. Can I claim grandpa Frank as my grandpa? I hope so because he's the best. I think Ken looks up to his grandpa like I did/do with my grandma Rhoads. It's one of those things where I think Frank and Margaret would have been good friends if they knew each other.

And then there is this nonsense. Who is this big girl? I'm not too sure how I feel about my growing girl because I have to realize, she's not a baby anymore. Would you look at this picture? Holy moly!!

Lately, Avery has been pointing her booty in the air when she sleeps. She was like this early this morning before I went to work. And who doesn't love a cow print diaper cover? Fred, her faithful friend was not like that when we put her down. She totally talks to him before her naps, and in my imagination, lays him down so he can nap with her. Too cute.

It's a good life here, a good life.

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emily said...

LOVE YOU! love your posting. i think this avery-swing makes up for us not having a porchswing on congress. don't you agree? wish i could be doing life with you. <3

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