making our house a home

When we bought this house a year and a half ago, we had the plan to live on one side while we fix up the other side. While living on our current side, I don't know if I ever made serious attempts to make it "home" except for Avery's room. I love living on this side; it's great. But plans of decorating and designing was reserved only for the "new" side. When I think about it though, having everything looking nice doesn't make a home. It's not about what it looks like, but rather what happens there. The amount of near perfect moments are countless. Most of them involve Avery, and the top of those moments involve them together. Avery and I have a great time together, but she will laugh so hard for her dad, more than with anyone else. It's that deep belly laugh that she can't control!

But speaking of next door, Ken has been working really hard lately putting in the baseboards and picture trim, most that he reclaimed from the old house so it's actually weathered. I wish we would have tracked all his work more because he has done so much. Our goal is to be moved over there by the end of October. Sweet! This is Avery's room! We picked this green color because we thought that if we have a boy someday, he wouldn't mind this color, and since we already know Avery, and she seems pretty chill about paint colors, we knew she would be down with grape leaves green. The floors in this part of the house were painted white. (What???) So Ken sanded off the layers of paint, then glossed them. Oh la la! Well done, babe. Avery, you're going to love this room. 


Ali said...

sounds awesome! you are right too...life makes a house a home ;) good words

Lady Natalie said...

1. Excellent choice on paint color.

2. I LOVE that y'all are having red beans and rice on Monday. You are so well assimilated to NOLA.

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